NTS receives and reviews the information from the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). Dr. Elam participates in a Return to Work Conference via telephone. NTS provides monitoring of aftercare requirements such as AA/NA meeting attendance and aftercare meeting attendance. NTS then assigns a follow up alcohol and/or drug test schedule as per the recommendation from the SAP. Additionally, NTS will provide a toll free number for daily call in by the employee and monitor compliance daily with reports showing date/time of call. The call in system will alert the individual if they have or have not been selected for testing that day. We will obtain copies of all return to duty and follow up tests to ensure compliance and run reports to identify any “No Shows” i.e. selected but doesn’t show up for the test.

NTS maintains a record of compliance with the aftercare recommendations and investigate any gaps in compliance on a timely basis. Should the reason for non-compliance be unacceptable, Dr. Elam will send the Company a letter of Non-compliance.