In the event an audit is performed, our clients have the confidence that we will assist with meeting all drug and alcohol test compliance issues.

How do you handle a Negative – Dilute Sample?

Are you aware of the Newest Class of Dilute Samples (Highly Dilute) from The May,2003 DOT Regulatory Update?

What‘s the latest with Adulterants?

Have you reviewed the latest DOT Regulations?

When was the last time your policy was revised?

Does your Employee / Supervisor Training meet the Regulatory Requirements ?

See our Resource Center to see if you are knowledgeable on the latest requirements. Are you in compliance? With Dr. Howard Taylor a SAMHSA Laboratory Inspector and Dr. Greg Elam, our AAMRO certified MRO are constantly monitoring the latest regulations and updates. Give us a call or email us if you have a question. We can help !