Specimen collections will be performed by qualified individuals who perform collections in accordance with 49 CFR Part 40, as amended. In order to insure compliance with new collector training requirements, Dr. Taylor has written a collection site training program (see Resource Center) and used it successfully in collection site training. In addition, the training consists of a collection site training manual which can be downloaded “DOT Collection Manual," at our resource center. In addition, we will be happy to answer any questions to any collection site that requests it. To insure that each collection site is compliant with the new regulations, we will call each site and require a signed statement that certifies that each collector is compliant with the new requirements for collector training under CFR 49 Part 40, which can also be downloaded at our resource center. In the event a collector error occurs which results in a fatal flaw, we will insure that error correction training occurs within 30 days of the date we are notified of the error (in accordance with CFR 49 Part 40 Subpart C Paragraph 40.35). Collections are available at fixed site or on-site. Let us know how we can help you.