In the event an audit is performed, our clients have the confidence that we will assist with meeting all drug and alcohol test compliance issues.

NTS maintains computer copies and any fax/hardcopies received as part of doing business from laboratories, collection sites or employers or their agents. Reports of test result information are computer generated and faxed or emailed as described above. An MIS summary report of testing activity will be provided as required by DOT at no additional charge.

We will maintain all records as required under 49 CFR Part. 40. The following will be maintained for:

  • Five years: Records of covered employee verified positive drug or alcohol test results, documentation of refusals to take required drug or alcohol tests, and covered employee referrals to the substance abuse professional, and copies of annual MIS reports submitted to the agency.

  • Two years: Records related to the collection process and employee training.

  • One year: Records of negative drug or alcohol test results.

Types of Records Maintained

  • Collection logbooks, if used.
  • Documents relating to the random selection process.
  • Documents generated in connection with decisions to administer reasonable suspicion drug or alcohol tests.
  • Documents generated in connection with decisions on post-accident drug and alcohol testing.
  • RO documents verifying existence of a medical explanation of the inability of a covered employee to provide an adequate urine or breath sample.

Records Related to Test Results

  • Copy of the custody and control form.
  • Documents related to the refusal of any covered employee to submit to a test required by this part.
  • Documents presented by a covered employee to dispute the result of a test administered under this part.

Records Related to Referral, Return to Duty and Follow-up Testing

  • Records concerning a covered employee's entry into and completion of the treatment program recommended by the substance abuse professional.